Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Napa Valley, Calistoga & Mud Baths

November 2007
Our Trip this month we stayed at the Napa Valley State Park. I always forget how close we are to the Napa Valley ( 65 miles )

We arrived around 7:30 pm Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend. There are about 40 spaces for avg sized RV/Trailers at Napa Valley State Park. There were maybe 8 spaces being used. One family was there with their small children in a tent.. (brave folks.. it was in the mid 30's over night).

We took a walk around Calistoga, CA (5 mins from camp) we had lunch then decided to take a drive to Clear Lake, CA. We walked around some of the lake, Missy met some other dogs and they played for awhile. That night we had reservations to go to Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa for a couples Mud Bath.. We slept very well that night.

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