Friday, August 29, 2008

August Trip - Camp Shelly

We arrived Saturday at Camp Shelly in the late afternoon. The campground is operated by the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Erik grew up in Livermore and his family spent many summers camping here when he was a child.

There were about half of the 26 sites filled Saturday night and Sunday night we were one of 2 sites being used. It was nice pretty much having the entire place to ourselves.

We took a drive around Lake Tahoe. Nathan had only been up to Tahoe in the winter. We took Missy for a walk and enjoyed the warm weather.

Emerald Bay is such a beautiful area of Lake Tahoe.

Erik's folks came up and stayed in TabStream mid week as we had to go back to work for the week. We will be back for Labor Day weekend.

Park Report:
Site # 26
Back In Space - no water, no elect
$30 /night