Friday, March 14, 2008

T@BStream Damage Update

We were told that our Tab was going to be a total loss.. a couple ofweeks later we were told it can be fixed and will need to be sentback home to Dutchmen, a week later we were told by our claimsadjuster that her supervisor wanted to see if there was a local placethat could do the repairs and that they would not be sending our tabto Dutchmen.. .. Well, after 60 days in the claims process.. We hitour wall with the insurance company, We were about to file acomplaint with the State Dept of Insurance.. We spoke with thesupervisor and insisted that they send our tab to Dutchmen for therepairs.. ..

Well, Good News!!.... TabStream will be picked up next week and sentback to the factory for repairs. We should have our beloved tab backin 4 - 5 weeks