Friday, November 21, 2008

Local Tourism

As Erik mentioned, we met up with Mark and Katie a few times last week. Friday night, we had the opportunity to try the Chieftan pub down on Market Street, great beer, but not so great for talking. I like the idea of live music, however, trying to have a conversation while both the murmuring of the crowd and the music of live band competed for soundspace, I was almost tempted to simply text my words to everyone, rather than try to be heard.

After we finished our drinks, we left the bar and walked a few blocks to the Metreon Center. It was getting a bit late, and several of the restaurants were already closed up, but Firewood Cafe was still serving dinner, so we grabbed a pizza and a salad and had a better--audible--conversation until we got kicked out by the cleaning crew.

Monday the four (well, six if you count our dogs) met up in our stomping grounds. We had a nice--quiet--lunch at Plearn Thai Palace, and took the dogs to the Walnut Creek dog park before the sun set. Mister and Missy had as much fun as we did, and got some much-needed exercise.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Kids from New Jersey

We met Katie & Mark this past weekend. We have been reading about their TabTrek 2008 adventures on their website as they drive across the USA.