Monday, December 8, 2008

November Trip - New Brighton State Beach

After Thanksgiving we headed to the Coast to New Brighton State Beach in Capitola just south of Santa Cruz.

We had a costside space on the cliff. We loved waking up hearing the waves crash on the beach below. The weather was outstanding. both days in the mid to high 70's

We saw another tab at the campground, an hour later we saw it drive off. Another missed Tab meetng.

Saturday afternoon Nathan's brother and his wife met up with us and we went for Lunch at The Crow's Nest in Santa Cruz later we went for a walk on the beach, that eve we has a post Thanksgiving dinner in the tab and a few beers around a campfire

Thev view from our space

Tabstream enjoying the sun

Missy on the beach

Nathan, Missy & Erik

Sunset over Capitola

Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Buy Gas!

I stopped by Costco today.. for some Thanksgiving stuff (turkey etc) and to get some gas for the truck.. Holy Crap. I paid $1.79 a Gallon for regular unleaded..

$31.00 for about 17 gallons .. just in time for a weekend camping trip to Santa Cruz this coming Saturday

Friday, November 21, 2008

Local Tourism

As Erik mentioned, we met up with Mark and Katie a few times last week. Friday night, we had the opportunity to try the Chieftan pub down on Market Street, great beer, but not so great for talking. I like the idea of live music, however, trying to have a conversation while both the murmuring of the crowd and the music of live band competed for soundspace, I was almost tempted to simply text my words to everyone, rather than try to be heard.

After we finished our drinks, we left the bar and walked a few blocks to the Metreon Center. It was getting a bit late, and several of the restaurants were already closed up, but Firewood Cafe was still serving dinner, so we grabbed a pizza and a salad and had a better--audible--conversation until we got kicked out by the cleaning crew.

Monday the four (well, six if you count our dogs) met up in our stomping grounds. We had a nice--quiet--lunch at Plearn Thai Palace, and took the dogs to the Walnut Creek dog park before the sun set. Mister and Missy had as much fun as we did, and got some much-needed exercise.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Kids from New Jersey

We met Katie & Mark this past weekend. We have been reading about their TabTrek 2008 adventures on their website as they drive across the USA.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Less Bear; More Brrrrr

We wandered around Yosemite yesterday, the park is a lot less busy in October than it was in May. Grabbed some lunch fixings from the village store and had lunch at the trailer before leaving Missy and heading for a hike along the first part of the Mist Trail.

"Moderate-to-strenuous": boy they weren't kidding. In my city-boy shoes and pants and flatlander leg muscles, I barely got to the bridge before saying "uncle" and having us turn around. Next time I'll come loaded for bear with better hiking gear and apparel. I was considering mugging a fellow traveler for their hiking pole.

Mr (or Ms) Bear made another appearance last night, even came up to our campsite, but we were comfortably in the trailer and didn't even suspect we had a visitor. Next-camp-neighbors saw the bear walk by the river and told us about it. For a big animal, they sure are sneaky.

The LP tank breathed its last sigh of propane last night leaving us without a LP refrigerator, heater or a stove. We knew it was getting low, but figured as little as we used propane, we could squeak by this trip without a refill. Almost did, too.

We broke out the portable, backup camping stove and warmed a can of soup for dinner, then later in the evening, rather than risk bear mauling outside, used the open flame of the camp stove to toast marshmallows for smores.

We discovered on waking up this morning that the refrigerator really keeps the trailer nice and toasty. Usually, we wake up to a comfortable temperature, I tend to start sleeping in layers and by the next morning, have shucked my socks and at least my sweater; but this morning without the LP refrigerator running and dumping waste heat in the t@b, we were freezing. Thank god we had the dog to keep our feet warm.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Morning Yosemite

Saturday morning, and we're still alive. Last night Yosemite North
Pines campground was full of the sounds of campers driving off an
ornery bear.

Our next-campground neighbor said that this particular bear had been
making an appearance every night this weekend. Mr. Bear seemed to
wander off around 10 pm, just in time for quiet hours, and we slept
the night without incident.

Arriving to a camp spot after dark is pretty impresive, come the next
morning. When we woke up we were treated to this sight out our window.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A few of our mods

Below are a few of the mods we have made to our TAB

Name Emblem


Stove & Sink Cover

October Trip - Sonoma Coast

We were off again this past weekend... Yes, two weekends in a row camping. Saturday morning we headed off to the Sonoma Coast camping at Stillwater Cove Regional Park. We stopped on our way up the coast to enjoy the waves and let Missy check out the area (pee break).

Once we arrived and had set up TabStream a fellow camper came over and said " I LOVE your cute little matching trailer & truck" and she waited until we had set up to come over to look at our "rig" we gave her a tour of the TAB. This was the first time someone waited, most of the time we get someone coming over wanting to look at our TAB before we even back into our space.

Stillwater Cove was a wonderful location and such a nice small family campground.

Sunday we took a drive up the coast to visit some of the small coastal towns. We stopped in Gualala at Bones Roadhouse. We had Beer, Stuffed Potato Skins, Clam Chowder and some of the best Onion Rings we have had. (yes those are onion rings .. not Cinnamon Rolls)

Great food and a Great view

Next trip.. Yosemite

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September Trip - Napa Valley State Park

This past weekend we went to Napa Vally State Park.

We arrived and unhitched the
T@B and drove into St. Helena and had dinner at Taylor's Automatic Refresher, Taylor's is classic roadside diner with the BEST Burgers you have ever had. (they also have a location in the San Francisco Ferry Building) We had Blue Cheese Burger, Beacon Cheeseburger, Garlic fries & Beer. They also serve whatelse... Wine.

lowlight photo below - iPhone has no flash

After dinner we stopped by the Supermarket and picked up some milk and a DVD at the RedBox DVD rental
Napa Valley State Park is so nice in the fall. The park was full Saturday night and about half full Sunday night.

Sunday we took a walk around the park and went into St. Helena for lunch at the Silverado Brewing Company for their Oktoberfest. Good Food, Good Beer. Great weather to eat outside. They are very dog friendly and gave missy a water bowl.

Nathan enjoying the Beer

Missy under the table.. tired dog

next weekend... The Sonoma Coast

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moo Cards

The last few trips we took we had so many people come up to us and want to know more about our T@B and our travels, many people wanted to know where to get a T@B etc.

A few weeks ago I made some Mini Cards online with pictures of
T@BStream to pass out with our info and information about the T@B owners group and the T@B RV website.

We made our cards at You can upload your own pictures and print, Mini Cards, Business Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Note Cards and Sticker Books.

(Click picture below for a larger view)

Friday, August 29, 2008

August Trip - Camp Shelly

We arrived Saturday at Camp Shelly in the late afternoon. The campground is operated by the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District. Erik grew up in Livermore and his family spent many summers camping here when he was a child.

There were about half of the 26 sites filled Saturday night and Sunday night we were one of 2 sites being used. It was nice pretty much having the entire place to ourselves.

We took a drive around Lake Tahoe. Nathan had only been up to Tahoe in the winter. We took Missy for a walk and enjoyed the warm weather.

Emerald Bay is such a beautiful area of Lake Tahoe.

Erik's folks came up and stayed in TabStream mid week as we had to go back to work for the week. We will be back for Labor Day weekend.

Park Report:
Site # 26
Back In Space - no water, no elect
$30 /night

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August Trip - Jackson Rancheria RV Park

This last weekend we stayed at Jackson Rancheria RV Park. We checked out this RV park a few weeks ago after we dropped off our niece and nephews at summer camp. This RV park is very new it opened in February 2008. We arrived Saturday night around 8pm and were greeted at the registration desk by a very friendly staff member. The spaces are all surrounded by lots of grass and young trees (great shade in a few yrs). The park has a large swimming pool, two hot tubs, a dog park, a large Clubhouse etc.

The Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians owns the Jackson Rancheria Casino, Hotel & RV Park.

Sunday morning we took Missy for a walk around the park looking at all the over sized trailers and RV's making our Tab look like a toy.

We went to brunch at the St. George Hotel in Volcano, CA. The town of Volcano is a cute "tiny" town in gold country. Last month we took our nephews to the Black Chasm Caverns just down the road from downtown.

Later Sunday we went took a drive to the Montevina Winery in Plymouth, CA.

Park Report:
Site #: 21 - Back In space

Full hookup / Cable
$31 each night.. w/ Good Sam Discount

Below are veiws behind our site

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Places we plan to Camp the rest of 2008

August 9- 11
Jackson, CA - Gold Country
We will be staying Jackson Rancheria RV Park

August 23 - 25
South Lake Tahoe, CA
We will be staying at Camp Shelly

August 30 - September 1
South Lake Tahoe, CA
We will be staying at Camp Shelly

September 27 - 29
Calistoga, CA
We will be staying at Napa Valley State Park

October 4 - 6
Jenner, CA - Sonoma Coast
We will be staying at Stillwater Cove County Park

October 25 -27
Yosemite National Park
We will be staying at Yosemite North Pines Campground

November 29 - Dec 1
Santa Cruz, CA
We will be staying at New Brighton State Beach

December: tba

Friday, June 13, 2008

June Trip - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

We camped at Henry Cowell Redwoods SP just 5 miles from downtown Santa Cruz.

We arrived at the campground around 7:30 pm Saturday. As we drove to our space we saw a teardrop trailer. When we walked around camp the next day the teardrop was there all alone.. it had business cards on it from

Sunday we drove into Santa Cruz and met up with our Sister in law Stepheni and took our dogs for a walk on the beach and let them play in the water. Missy loved it and slept very well that night.

That evening Nathan's brother Jared joined us after work at camp for dinner and a campfire. It was great to hang out and spend time with Jared & Steph.

Monday, May 19, 2008

May Trip - Yosemite part 2

We drove from Groveland to Yosemite just over an hour.

After spending time on the valley floor for a few hours it was getting hot around , We decided to go to higher ground and head to Glacier Point.

Glacier Point is on the south wall of Yosemite Valley at an elevation of 7,214 ft

Missy in the snow in the Parking lot on Glacier Point

After it cooled down in the valley we went to the lower Yosemite Falls

Sunset on Half Dome