Thursday, September 25, 2008

September Trip - Napa Valley State Park

This past weekend we went to Napa Vally State Park.

We arrived and unhitched the
T@B and drove into St. Helena and had dinner at Taylor's Automatic Refresher, Taylor's is classic roadside diner with the BEST Burgers you have ever had. (they also have a location in the San Francisco Ferry Building) We had Blue Cheese Burger, Beacon Cheeseburger, Garlic fries & Beer. They also serve whatelse... Wine.

lowlight photo below - iPhone has no flash

After dinner we stopped by the Supermarket and picked up some milk and a DVD at the RedBox DVD rental
Napa Valley State Park is so nice in the fall. The park was full Saturday night and about half full Sunday night.

Sunday we took a walk around the park and went into St. Helena for lunch at the Silverado Brewing Company for their Oktoberfest. Good Food, Good Beer. Great weather to eat outside. They are very dog friendly and gave missy a water bowl.

Nathan enjoying the Beer

Missy under the table.. tired dog

next weekend... The Sonoma Coast

Monday, September 22, 2008

Moo Cards

The last few trips we took we had so many people come up to us and want to know more about our T@B and our travels, many people wanted to know where to get a T@B etc.

A few weeks ago I made some Mini Cards online with pictures of
T@BStream to pass out with our info and information about the T@B owners group and the T@B RV website.

We made our cards at You can upload your own pictures and print, Mini Cards, Business Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Note Cards and Sticker Books.

(Click picture below for a larger view)